Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look and Cook Marathon

I checked out a Rachael Ray book from my library weeks ago, oops, it's overdue. Well worth it because we had some really good meals. My last two weeks of meal planning have come from this book. It is amazing. In fact, I ordered it for my cook book collection. I must have it for I would probably cry dropping it into the return slot at the library. The meals were that good. I unfortunately didn't take pictures of all of the meals but promise to include the ones I did take.

Tonight we had the Chicken Ragu. Phenominal. I am telling you delicious. It was the perfect meal for my little one who detests tomato sauce because it was a light sauce. The combination of Marsala wine and a can of plum tomatoes crushed in the pot were simple enough that she didn't really mind at all. Maybe I can convert her. I could not stop eating this meal. I am really looking forward to the leftovers. Yummy!

One of our favorites was the Shish Kabobs with Spanakopita Orzo. This was a restaurant quality meal. One of those meals where you are in disbelief that you actually made this in your own home. Tasty! I am telling you make this. I actually used beef stew meat from my grocer instead of lamb. The orzo was so awesome tasting. And the beef turned out super tender and flavorful. I was leery using dried herbs like this calls for but it was really tasty. I marinated the beef all day instead of doing it right before I cooked the meal. I wanted those flavors to really develop.

This was our Valentine's meal and I have to say was freaking amazing. How could it not be with arugula. This was another restaurant quality meal. I felt spoiled by the meals we were eating from this book. That is why I have to continue making more. This one is wild mushroom broken spaghetti "risotto" with arugula and hazelnuts.

Chinese orange-barbecue cashew chicken. This was a delicious one too. I have to say my least favorite of the bunch but really tasty. Does taste just like take out.

The rest of the meals I failed to take pictures of unfortunately. Rest assured, they too, were amazing. Midwinter Minestrone. I really loved this one. The chick peas are a nice change from the usual kidney beans you find in typical minestrone. This was very earthy with the porcini mushrooms and the bacon. I can never find pancetta in my market so I always use bacon. Same idea, less money I am sure. I actually just froze the rest of my bacon in portions in zip lock bags so I can pull it out when I need it. I would never go through a whole package of bacon otherwise.

Ancho Chicken Tortilla Soup. Freaking amazing. Once again. I loved this meal so so much. I could live on this soup alone. It was delicious and unique. The beer gives it a really great taste. Don't be intimidated by the dried peppers used in this recipe. It's super simple. Just another step is all. Really worth it. Those deep chili flavors can't be substituted. Amazing!

Sausage and Fish one pot. This was so so good and something I wouldn't typically cook. Have only cooked white fish one other time in my life. This was a really tasty and hearty dish. Looking back on it I used a whole pound of sausage. Lucy loved the fish. It was a really well rounded and healthy meal.

There was one more meal I didn't get to yet that I have the ingredients for. Teryaki Noodles. I am looking forward to them. I do have the beef in my freezer. I sometimes get a little carried away with my meal planning. Especially if I find a lot of recipes I am excited about. I can't wait to get my book in the mail and continue on with this journey. I love the things I have been creating in the kitchen and so does my family.

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