Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Doug's

I have always wanted to include all types of food postings on my blog. One thing I am trying to do is post about the places I eat. I know there haven't been many but I promise when I do go to interesting places I will post them for sure. We don't get out to eat much these days to real hot spots.

This one is Hot Doug's. It's an amazing "sausage superstore" in Chicago. It's a little hot dog joint with specialty sausages and other encased meats. On the weekends they serve duck fat fries. We have been there a handful of times, however never waited two hours like we did this time. It was redonculous. You know how it starts to become a game. Like, ok, I have waited this long, we are not getting out of line now. No way. You have no idea how much longer it's going to be and the game continues. The more and more you wait you just can't leave. Me and Lucy were napping in the car thankfully for most of the wait while Jason held the fort down in line.
So I literally held Lucy for about an hour to an hour and a half while we waited single file next to a brick wall with sprinkles of rain tumbling upon the Yo Gabba Gabba unbrella she held above my head. She was really good I have to say. Most kids would not have allowed that to happen. So the food was amazing of course. Lucy had a corn dog and tater tots.
I got the Dave Klingman which was an italian style chicken sausage with the works. Pickle, tomatoes, relish, sauteed onions, celery salt, mustard and sauer kraut. Heaven. I tell you heaven. Now he is really famous for really having unique sausages and other meats. This is the one Jason chose. I have to say, it was phenominal. Blue cheese, pork sausage with white peach puree, rum-infused dried fruit and roasted almonds. Other specials included antelope sausage, garlic pork sausage, smoked mole chicken sausage, foie gras and sauternes duck sausage, and more. Check out the web site for daily specials. They are only opened until 4 each day and not open sundays. I would highly highly recommend going first thing in the morning if you want to try and avoid the line. There will still probably be one though.

If you have any doubt in your mind about how good this place is check this out.
Need I say more. Thank you.

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