Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tuscan Vegetable Soup

This week I got super motivated to cook as I haven't had the energy to much lately. All it took was me getting angry about eating crap all week. Spaghetti noodles with sauce from a jar and sliced chicken sausage is not my idea of making dinner. So on thursday I drug Lucy out to Garden Fresh to stock up on the goods. For lunch I decided to make us fajitas. And they were delicious. I am craving them right now. Garden Fresh sells a mix in the meat counter so it was super cheap and simple. Had some tortillas already so lunch was done. For dinner I was going to make my tride and true sloppy joe recipe that I have made at least a dozen times according to my cookbook. I always write the date on the page with the recipe so that I know how many times and when I made the dish. I usually comment on how the dish came out as well so I know if I should not make it again. In this case, yeah, I should make it again.

Ellie Kreiger is my hero. I was looking at her cookbook and made all three of my dishes from this book. I have made a fair amount of recipes out of this book. Everything but one has been something I would make again. All of her dishes are healthy but full of flavor. I made her tabbouleh salad. It was really good the first day I must say, however the second and third day it was lacking something. If I wouldn't have been feeding it to Jason I would have put some green olives diced in there to give it some umph. Other than that it was a really light and refreshing salad in the middle of winter.

The last dish I made was really yummy. A Tuscan Vegetable Soup. It was full of healthy vegetables, beans, and tomatoey broth. It was the perfect meal to eat today and the crusty French loaf just put it over the edge. I would highly recommend a sprinkling of parmesean in the end. It really finished off the soup nicely. I didn't have fresh so I just used the old foot powder and it tasted great. I would definitely be making this soup again.

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  1. was it ribollita? It sounds like it!
    keep cooking tuscan!!