Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gluten Free!!!

Wow, it's been forever since my last entry. It's been so hard for me to remember to take pictures of these delicious meals I am making. I always need to see pictures of the food I am making so I hate to not provide that to my readers. I promise I will try and get better about that.
Recently a friend of mine had posted an article about wheat on her facebook page. For a long time I had considered trying to eliminate wheat from my diet. It's so bad for the body. Well, at least now days it is because of all of the things our government is letting happen to our food.
Here is a link to the article. If it doesn't work it's calle The Dark Side of Wheat by the Washington Post Social Reader. Either way you could google it and real hundreds of articles about this very thing.
It basically talks about all of the chemicals they are using on the wheat we are eating every day. The more the wheat is processed into these food we eat, the worse it is for our bodies. Look at how many people today have Celiac. Look back in time and no one even knew what that was. Was it because it hadn't been diagnosed yet, or is it because over time our food has become more and more processed.
On this journey to becoming gluten free, (it's been a month now), I have come to realize it is also a clean diet. I don't eat food from packages anymore with a few exceptions. I make our meals every night. When I want a snack I eat some fruit, nuts, yogurt, vegetables. I feel amazing. I never feel that gross full feeling after eating too much. I haven't had gas anymore. I feel good. I feel healthy and light.
So am I going to be posting boring, gross recipes. No. I am going to be posting the same foods I was eating before without the pasta recipes. I have always ate this way, with a few slight changes. I use soy sauce in a lot of my cooking as I do love asian. Have a great gluten free soy sauce I use from the grocery store and it isn't anymore expensive than the others and you can't taste a difference at all.
Last night I made an amazing Chile Chicken Posole from The Food Network. It was so flavorful and easy. I have been using chicken thighs in all of my cooking these days instead of breast meat. Yeah, it's a little more fattening but it's a lot more flavorful and it's never dry. I got so sick of making these awesome meals that fell short because chicken breast meat is so dry. You aren't going to get fat from eating a little dark meat. I used one less can of green chilis in fear of it being too spicy for the kids. Better safe than sorry and it was the perfect amount of heat. The one thing I will change next time is to use half the amount of time if not any. I thought it was way to strong. It dominated my palate. We did garnish it with avocado and it's a must. So delicious. I highly recommend this dish. I will be making it again for sure.
The next dish I have made is awesome and I am making it again tonight. Chipotle Turkey Chili from Rachael Ray. Always love her recipes. This dish is super healthy, flavorful, filling. I love it. It has green apples and lots of meat. No beans for those dudes out there. Seems like most women like beans, but not the men. This is a really great recipe and I'm excited to make it again.
It's not hard to find recipes that are gluten free if you are cooking clean, real food. My favorite sources are: Everyday Food Magazine/Books, Rachael Ray, and Food Network Magazine. I have never been disappointed with a recipe from any of these. I haven't missed wheat at all. I can't say how long I will be on this journey but for now, it feels really good.

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