Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wheat Belly

I started reading a new book today called Wheat Belly. At first I was a little skeptical because I thought it was going to be another fad diet type book. It's everything but that. This is a doctor who found that on the days he didn't eat wheat he didn't feel tired, miserable, ill. He decided to have his patients, many diabetic suffering obesity, to cut wheat out of their diet. After weeks of following his wishes they had significant health improvements. Not only did many of them become non-diabetics, but they had improved health. Rashes clearing up. Irritable bowel symptoms subside. Arthritis improve if not disappear. Weight loss.
It does get a little boring as he goes into the history of wheat but it does prove his point all the further. The wheat we consume today has been modified so much that our body doesn't know what to do with it. So we become sick, obese individuals who turn to intense workout regimens, diets, and drugs to cure our ailments and weight issues.
I have read three chapters of this book so far. I find it all very interesting. I feel frustrated and confused by the way our FDA handles the foods we eat. The foods that are being produced in these factories. I have concluded that all I can do is change the things that I can change and do the best that I can. If I know that wheat is bad for me, I am going to stop eating it. What isn't bad for us anymore these days? True. This is one thing I can change. A big thing. I have already seen a significant improvement in my health, my mood, my body. I love the food I eat. I do miss wheat at times but it's really easy to get over it. For now, I will continue on this path.

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