Thursday, July 8, 2010

feeling inspired

I have been so mad about the garbage I have been putting into my body lately that I finally decided to take action. I wanted to make a salad that I could have in the fridge and take out for any meal. I bought some tricolor pasta and cooked about half the bag for the base of it. Then for the veggies I sauteed one shallot chopped, two cloves of garlic minced, one medium sweet potato diced, one squash diced and some large white mushrooms roughly chopped in a tablespoon of olive oil and a few splashes of blasamic vinegar. I put the lid on my pan and cooked it on low for fifteen minutes to soften the veggies. I added those to the noodles with some salt, pepper, one tablespoon of olive oil and a half tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. It is delicious. I must stay I am very impressed with myself. Not that it's super complicated or anything but that it's really tasty. I think the only thing I would add now is some fresh basil or some other fresh herbs. Maybe chives or rosemary. You should really try it out. My three year old gobbled it up and she is not a veggie girl. The colored noodles probably helped. Enjoy.

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