Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A streak of cooking

I might as well post while I can as I haven't been too creative in the kitchen and who knows what I will be eating once I have this baby.
So lately I have been cooking from Everyday Food Magazine.

lemony pasta with wilted arugula
This first one I actually made two times within a week because I had a whole bag of beautiful arugula that I didn't want to go to waste and it was so good the first time. We used chicken in it the first time and shrimp the second time. I liked the chicken a little more but both were delightful. The protein was my addition to the recipe. Would be awesome without as well. Just wanted a little something extra. It's so light and summery. Kids would love this one too.

thai beef with chiles and basil over coconut rice
This was super good and a nice change of pace. It was super simple, full of flavor and kid friendly. I only used one green jalapeno and minced it as to try and hide it from my little one. It had the perfect amount of heat and not too hot for her. I didn't make coconut rice as I do not like the flavor of coconut but I know it would compliment this dish very well. I would highly recommend this one. Jason called it a keeper.

eggplant salad with israeli couscous and basil
I really enjoyed this dinner. I am excited to eat it again tomorrow. I served it hot and it was great. I know it will be good cold too. I did add one container of baby bella mushrooms chopped and made a double batch of the couscous. I used a pretty large eggplant as well along with four or five smaller shallots. It was a really nice meatless dinner.

Wild Rice Salad with Yogurt Vinaigrette
The salad here was from a girls blog that I really like Joy the Baker. She is really inventive and I love reading her blog. So she posted this salad she made and it looked good so I went for it. It was really really good. I did make the dressing too and was very good. Had to adjust it until it tasted like I liked it. Very healthy.

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