Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beer chicken and some yummy carrots

Tonight I made my first braised chicken. I have to say it was a lot of work, this meal. It was tasty but a lot of work. Lately I feel like getting food to the table is such a hassle. It's the pregnant me talking but does there have to be so many steps and so many damn dishes.
So I made a Beer Braised Chicken. I hate using thigh meat but I didn't want to compromise the dish. Thought about trying it with a turkey breast but wasn't sure how long to cook it and didn't want it to become a complete failure. So the chicken did turn out super moist and tender of course, but it's a fatty cut of meat so it's no fail really. There is also bacon in this which I typically don't cook with but went with it anyhow. I ended up draining out most of the bacon fat before cooking the chicken. I just couldn't bring it upon myself to leave all that fat in there knowing I was about to put olive oil in the pot with some dark meat chicken. It still turned out. I have never cooked with pearl onions and they were a nice addition. I used Fat Tire beer because my market didn't sell a dark ale. This is an amber ale and the flavor was nice. Love the smell of beer cooking in the kitchen. Yummy.
I also cooked some Roasted Carrots with Za'atar. It's a spice I had long ago at a Christmas party. It's a blend of thyme, sumac and sesame seeds. It's a spice commonly found in Middle Eastern foods. So delish. When I had it, it was mixed with salt and olive oil and used as a pita bread dip. It was so heavenly and I had always wished to add it to my pantry. Now I have a huge bag of it. You can use it for many many things. Add it to cooked rice, pizza dough, bread dough, marinades. There are so many uses for it. The carrots were awesome. I didn't have a lemon as I thought I had so I went without but it was great still. Jason told me several times, I don't eat cooked carrots but there are awesome. Lucy had two helpings. They were really really good. I know I will be making them again for sure. I am happy there are leftovers.

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