Sunday, August 1, 2010

Totally yummy breakfast

I know I post a lot of recipes by Ellie Krieger but hey, she is amazing and has never disappointed. I recently was given her So Easy cookbook by my awesome husband who knows I love her. All of her dishes are super healthy because she is a dietitian. I have never made anything very complicated for breakfast so I decided to go for something really great. Blueberry almond french toast bake. I must say it was super super easy and produced an amazing breakfast and what later became our dinner. This was an excellent dish. When I first made it I thought what am I doing, this will never get eaten, it made so much. But at the end of this glorious day there are two small helpings left that will be eating in the morning. It would be a great dish to make for company and I know we plan on making it again at the end of this month when we bring home our little baby boy. I look forward to that. Well, both things.

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