Monday, April 12, 2010

NY Cookies

Our New York trip was awesome. We had a blast and ate some damn good food. I was super happy when I found this recipe online because Levain Bakery had the best chocolate chip cookies. Me and Jason shared one and then I had a spare for later. Froze it when we got home and it didn't stay in there long. Think I took it out less than a week later. Still delightful. So I made these cookies last night. I have to say they turned out really yummy. They looked just like the cookies from Levain. I didn't have walnuts so just did chocolate. Didn't have amazing chocolate like them, just Nestle chunks, but still good. I thought there was a mistake on the recipe because it didn't call for vanilla but then realized it was supposed to be that way. I have to admit that vanilla is my favorite thing about baked goods so it was really hard for me not to add it anyhow. I must say, they were really really tasty and you didn't miss the vanilla at all. It really lets you pick up on the other flavors of the cookie. I was nervous because I didn't have enough brown sugar to pack it and I didn't have much light brown sugar. Used 1/4 c light brown and the rest dark brown. Was worried about that too but they still turned out. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they were a little too cakey. I was worried about taking them out early to allow them to be doughy in the middle in fear of them sinking. They were still super soft in the middle just not as gooey as I would have liked them to be. I think next time I will add a little less baking soda and cook them for less time. All in all, these were really really good cookies. I will be making them again for sure and this time with nuts and killer chocolate.

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