Saturday, January 23, 2010

Continuing on our Bayless quest

The weekend is here so you know that something from Rick is going to be cooking in our kitchen. This week I actually made his seafood salad tacos from his Mexican Everyday cookbook. That book is our bible. This is the second time making these and they are so so good and so simple. It just isn't right how simple his food is for the flavor you get. This is proof that Rick Bayless is an amazing chef. He knows how to combine the simplest ingredients to create the most incredible tastes. I had to make a take on his roasted salsa and some guacamole to go with. I can't resist. I just love the stuff.

For the salsa I used:
1 serrano, 3 garlic cloves (in peels) : roast those in a dry pan until blackened. Set aside to cool
1 14.5 oz can of fire roasted tomatoes drained slightly
hanful of cilantro diced
half a white onion chopped
juice of one lime
salt to taste
Cut the stem from the serrano and remove seeds unless you want it really hot. Add it and the garlic cloves (removed from their skins), and the rest of the ingredients into a food processor and puree until the consistency you desire. It is meant to be a runny salsa. Enjoy.
His recipe uses two serranos but for me that is too hot. I did use half a jalapeno as well that I had left from my guacamole.

Jason always likes to cook something for me over the weekend from his book. We are trying to make everything in it and so far we are doing very well. Tonight however, his dish was actually not from the book. Tonight he cooked Carne Asada Brava. I would highly, highly recommend this dish. We never cook steaks but it sounded so good lately.

We first seared it off for five minutes per side on our stove top grill pan and then baked it on a foil lined pan at 450 for 4 minutes per side. It was so flavorful and tender. It was an amazing steak. Jason couldn't stop talking about it. He said it was one of the best steaks he has ever had and that's coming from a guy that's been to Gibsons and Wildfire.

Believe me when I say, this was a damn good steak. If I knew I wouldn't be sick I would have ate all 7 oz of that meat. It was hard to stop with only a few ounces left. But alas, tomorrow I shall dine upon it. As a side dish he made stewed mushrooms with onions and garlic. They went really well with the steak I must say. It was a great meal. Thank you Jason. Thank you Rick.

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