Monday, January 11, 2010

I am still cooking, just bad at posting.

I can't believe I have let this blog go so long. My poor poor baby. I need to get rollin. I have still been cooking a ton, mind you, just not posting. I sometimes forget to take pictures of the food and feel that visuals make a big difference, so I apologize for my delay.

For Christmas Jason got Rick Bayless Everyday Mexican. I have to tell you we are doing a damn good job of cooking our way through it. Are we going to make a movie about ourselves, no. But sure would be interesting. Loved Julie & Julia but really, French food is boring. Mexican, now that's exciting.

So here are some Mushroom and Spinach Enchiladas that we made from the book. Amazing of course. I have to say. I did use flour tortillas as well as corn because I am always leery about store bought corn tortillas. The secret is properly warming them. They were amazing. The flour, eh. So if you make this go for the corn tortillas and warm them in the oven or microwave if you don't want to heat the oven up. Oven works better though if you need to do a bunch. The interesting thing about these are that they are not oven baked like your typical enchiladas. They are not loaded with cheese but sprinkled on top at the end. So you dip the tortillas in the amazing sauce, roll them with the filling, and then ladle the sauce over the top with a sprinkle of cheese to finish. This was so so yummy and I wasn't upset that it made so much sauce because you know what, I made some brown rice the other day and added some of the sauce to it, amazing. Tonight I am using the leftover tortillas and sauce to make more enchiladas with scrambled eggs and beans with the sauce and cheese on top. Yeah, it's gonna be good. So this sauce is amazing and could be used for a million things. Froze some of it, but already busted it out to use tonight. You could even use it to make tacos. Get a rotisserie chicken, shred it up in a pan and pour the sauce over it. Heat it up and serve it in some torillas with your choice of garnish.

The amazing thing about Rick Bayless is that his recipes are so simple, require very few ingredients, don't cost much at all, and never disappoint. Everything we have made has been phenominal. These Cowboy Beans in his book are out of this world. But how could you go wrong with bacon. I will try and post that recipe too. Unfortunately I don't have a picture but it wouldn't even look that good anyhow since it's just sloppy beans.

We are obsessed and it is a very very healthy obsession.

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  1. Hi lucymom, figured I'd respond to you on my post and here too. No offense taken at all. I know some people will not use splenda, which is why I always put conversions to use other things, and have been using honey and other natural sweeteners in more of my recent recipes. You can read about my thoughts on splenda here:

    I consider the cookie healthy since it's using whole grains, no butter, no oil, and uses things like unsweetened apple sauce and prune puree, it also uses minimal sugar 1/2 c plus 2 Tbs. Compared to a normal cookie recipe this is very low. Hope you check out more of my site, there are a bunch of great recipes that don't use splenda, and I always try to put in conversions.

    Have a great day!