Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Molly's Cupcakes

One thing I am going to be doing on my blog is posting the place we go on our culinary adventures. This is a place we visited in Chicago this summer. Molly's Cupcakes. It is a really fun cupcake bakery. They have a bar you can sit at with swings hanging down from the ceiling. Not only do they have a ton of different flavors of cupcakes, but they also have a custom cupcake. You can choose your own cupcake and frosting. They also have a sprinkles bar where you can top your cupcakes with various sprinkles and sugar. I must admit the frosting was better than the cupcake itself. I chose to do a custom cupcake. The ordered a vanilla cupcake with a brown butter buttercream. I must say, that was the best buttercream I have ever tasted in my life. This is what made me remember Molly's Cupcakes. I did also order a blondie which was amazing. It is definatley a fun place to go it you want to check out something fun while visiting Chicago.

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