Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My favorite bakery in the world

I want to tell the world about my favorite bakery in the world, however, unfortunately only a few people know about my blog. It's worth a shot.

Sweet Mandy B's
1208 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 244-1174

I have to be honest with you. I have been to many many bakeries and this one is still my favorite. I have friends who live in New York from here and still think it's the best. When I visited New York last summer, I visited a few of the top bakeries in the city and still think this is the best. I feel like the things they have there feel like home but much much better. I don't know if that makes any sense. When I visited the New York bakeries such as the legendary Magnolia Bakery (also seen on Sex In The City for the cupcakes) I found that a lot of those bakeries were making the same things. Cupcakes of course, banana pudding, ice box cake. It was like stepping into the same bakery over and over. Not that it wasn't good, don't get me wrong. They were amazing. I am just saying the Sweet Mandy B's is that amazing.

I will never forget my first time there. I ordered a slice of yellow cake with a chocolate chip banana cake layer in the middle and chocolate buttercream icing. I was in heaven. I feel like I can still taste it when I remember that night. Jason had a caramel apple cake, and I have to say I too ate much of that. It was amazing. The flavors were so deep and complex.

I have really only been lucky enough to visit there several times but each time has been memorable. It is sort of off the beaten path from the city so you have to make a point to go there. I have tried their cupcakes as well. Very amazing. Jason once ordered a lemon cupcake. So so good. Just last weekend I was luck enough to be able to stop by on our way out of downtown. I have to say, I went a little crazy. I ordered a raspberry bar for my mom, a double chocolate walnut oat cookie for my dad, a sugar cookie with pink buttercream and sprinkles for me (how could I resist that and it was the size of a plate) a m&m cookies for Jason and the final most amazing wonderful tasty thing ever was a blondie type bar about two inches thick that was filled with mini chocolate chips white and dark and peanut butter then iced with chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with white and dark chocolate chips. Can I just tell you that it was the best thing I have ever had in my life. I was in freaking heaven. Oh, my God. This thing was so so good. I can not express that enough.

One thing I love about Sweet Mandy B's is that you can get a slice of cake. That is so amazing to be able to do. I never get to have cake because I never make it. Who the heck would eat all that cake? I could but won't. Their cake is amazing. They have brownies, blondies, cupcakes, cookies, and some other crazy things. It is definitely something to check out if you love baked good because really you can't find better sweet shop treats than these.

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